Our school starts at 8:35am when the side gate is opened. While teachers do allow some time for the children to assemble, greet their friends, play a short game or do an activity, all of the girls should be coming to school as close to 8.35am as possible. The side gates of the school are closed at 8:55am and girls arriving after that must come in through reception and be signed in. Girls who are coming to school after 8:55am are recorded as late. The Board of Management cannot take responsibility for children arriving before 8.35am.

For the first few weeks our new Junior Infant classes go home at 12pm each day until they become accustomed to the routine. New Junior Infant children may be brought into the classroom each morning and collected from there at 12pm. It is best not to linger in the room with your child in the morning as it only prolongs the problem of parting and can be upsetting for the other children in the class. After the first two or three weeks children should come in from the cloakroom by themselves.

It is important that children are collected promptly at 12 noon or 1.15pm as they become very anxious if they are left waiting.

No responsibility is accepted for children left on school premises after dismissal time. The school must have appropriate emergency contact phone numbers.

Parked cars either in the morning or afternoon should not block the entrance gate to the school. Family dogs should not be brought to the school at drop-off or pick up times unless secured on a leash.

School Entrance and Reception

Belgrove Entrance


Belgrove Classroom 1


There are two lunch breaks:
little break at 10.30am and big lunch at 11.45am.
In Junior Infants comfort food may be a good idea for the first few days and after that the Healthy Option is best.
You will be notified about the E.U milk scheme later in September. Glass bottles are not allowed in school.

Corridor and Yard


Children should walk quietly in the corridors, having regard for safety of others.

Banisters must be held on the stairs and children should walk in single file.

Children leaving the classroom for any reason will be sent in pairs for safety.

The yard is supervised at all times by 2 teachers

Rough behaviour is discouraged and directions given by the teachers supervising are to be followed implicitly.

Children must ask permission to use the toilet and only one child at a time will be allowed in.

Children are not allowed to return to their classroom during playtime.

Children will be encouraged to place all litter in the bins provided.

Children always go in pairs when being sent on message from yard.

Requests to remain indoors at yard time should be made only in exceptional circumstances. Such requests must always be in the form of a note to the class teacher.

On the ringing of the bell at the end of the play period children will stand in silence and on a further signal will walk quietly to their line and stand in an orderly fashion until told to return to the classroom by the teacher.

On days of inclement weather, Infants will be supervised in their classrooms, where the teacher will allocate activities. Again, children in the classroom are expected to remain in their seats and work quietly.


Belgrove Playground

What to Wear

The school uniform can be purchased in Lynch's of Philipsburg Avenue.

The school tracksuit and sensible trainers can be worn for P.E. The class Teacher will inform you about P.E days.

Please label all her belongings clearly so jumpers and tracksuits are easily identifiable. Your child will also need and apron for art.