First Class are attending Fighting Words workshops this term.  For the first part of the session they work together as a group to come up with an original story, which is typed up on a projection screen as the children come up with the ideas.  The story is illustrated as they go.  The class writes the first half of the story together as a group.

Each child then writes their own, individual ending to the story and draws their own pictures.  They are helped and encouraged by a team of volunteer tutors.  While they are working on the endings to the story, the books are put together for them in the office.  The books have the part of the story the children have seen being typed up on the screen and the illustrations the volunteer illustrator has completed.

The second part of the book has lined blank pages, the idea being the children can take the endings they have been working on back to school and fill them into the back of the book.

A photo of each child is included on the back cover of the book, along with space to write ‘About the Author,’ and ‘Praise for the Critics.’

Fighting Words Workshops