We have a very active Parents Association in our school. Our parents are very involved in school activities and organize many fund-raising, social and educational events throughout the school year for parents and students.
The committee are willing to help out at every opportunity and provide invaluable support to the school in very practical ways.
We meet the first Monday of every month, unless it's a bank holiday and then it's the second Monday. New members are always welcome to join us throughout the year!

Results of the School Uniform survey:
Thank you for your positive response to our School Uniform survey.
Breakdown of the results: 77% approved the proposal

What does this mean?
The revised uniform will be introduced in September 2019. From September 2019, the shirt, tie and v-neck jumper will no longer be part of the uniform.

What happens for the rest of the year?
As there was such a strong majority in support of changing the uniform, approval has been given for the new uniform options to be worn after the Easter school holidays.
During this transition phase, from Monday the 29th April, the girls can wear their tracksuit on non-PE days or continue to wear their shirt, tie and jumper.
The girls can also wear the polo shirt and tracksuit jumper with either a skirt or pinafore. Navy shorts (€10.95) and skorts (€12.95) can be purchased from Lynches in Marino, which can be worn during warmer weather.

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