Dr Gillian Lake, Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education at the Institute of Education, DCU will be giving a talk on  “Supporting young children’s development through play – tips and tricks” on Thursday 21st March at 8pm in the school hall.

Research has shown that play is the most natural, motivating and enjoyable activity in which children can engage. This is why its use in young children’s learning has been officially formalised in the curricular frameworks to which primary schools now adhere. This talk will give you some background to the importance and value of play in young children’s learning.
Different types of play and their benefits for young children’s development will be discussed. It will identify for you, the benefits of your child playing at home. It also aims to support your playful engagement with your child in the home, which can complement play’s use as teaching tool in school.

This all has the potential to lead to positive impact on your young child’s learning and development.

We hope to see you there!!

Parents’ Talk- Supporting young children’s development through play – tips and tricks