We are currently preparing a Risk Assessment as part of our new Child Safeguarding Statement. We want to inform Parents and Guardians of the following

•School starts at 8.35. Dismissal time is 1.15 p.m. Children arriving after 8.55 must enter through Reception. Parents/ Guardians will not be permitted access to the classrooms after 8.55. Late comers will be recorded.

• If you are making changes to the collection arrangements for a pupil please let the teacher know in advance.

• Early collections must be made through Reception. Pupils should give their teacher a note and they then must be signed out by an adult.

• Since the inception of the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000 schools are obliged to report on school attendance. Schools are required to submit Student Absence Reports twice each year on those students with serious attendance issues that have been identified during the current academic year i.e. students that have been absent from school for a cumulative total of twenty days or more falling within the following categories:

· Illness

· Urgent Family Reason

· Holiday

· Suspended

· Other

· Unexplained

As all attendance is monitored it is important to let us know in writing the reason your child has been absent when she returns to school.

School Times